360 Degree Feedback

In management audits, we systematically supplement the independent assessment of our consultants with 360° feedback from the organisation. From our perspective, the feedback from the company and the various levels gives a more comprehensive picture of a candidate by adding other important aspects. We also conduct 360° feedback outside management audits, adapting our tool to the client-specific competency model. Comparing candidates’ assessment of themselves with third-party assessments provides valuable information for their personal development.

However, the success of a 360° feedback process hinges not only on the underlying tool and on evaluation criteria that have been operationalized based on behavior, but also very much on the subsequent feedback process. Here, we assist the managers in interpreting findings and work with them on possible change activities. The process – which, of course, can also be conducted with a reduced feedback range as 270° feedback, 180° feedback or 90° feedback – can be adapted to various languages for international use.

  • Behavior-based evaluation criteria can be developed, thus facilitating personal assessments
  • The tool offers maximum flexibility and can be adapted to the company’s specific needs and competencies
  • Professional and online-based handling
  • 360° feedback coaching: Assistance in the subsequent process – aspects with potential for improvement are derived together with the managers



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