FMCG industry – potential analysis run 100% remotly

The client is the European arm of an internationally known consumer goods manufacturer in 180 countries with headquarters in southern Germany and 2000 employees here. The culture is young, open and communicative. Employees with marketing backgrounds shape the company.

We had the assignment for an executive selection and development program. Until then, promotions were mostly based on personal network and nose factor. The need was to objectify and develop the top potentials. The project was launched in parallel with Corona, so that all individual measures were designed directly digitally.

Remote potential analysis as a starting point

At the beginning of the potential analysis is our LPA online assessment. Here, the participants independently complete an online assessment via a link, in which all indicators of potential are mapped on the personality side.

The assessment part implemented in presence, however remotely, is implemented in the form of a 2-day AC / DC. This is organized via 3 observer groups with a total of 3 facilitators from our side, 6 internal observers and 9 participants. The complete potential analysis runs remotely. This means that the interviews and behavioral simulations are video-based. We use our AC app for this. This a web-based software developed by our IT team. The AC app digitizes the entire process: All participants receive a link in advance. The observers document their assessments and these are then shareable and visible to all observers. The participants also have their online agenda and get their task documents unlocked according to the times they have stored.

The DC is conducted in four virtual rooms, one preparation room and three execution rooms, in each of which the participants switch virtually.


Learning potential analysis via repeated applications of same type of exercise

The case studies used are taken from the reality of the company. This creates identification and also a smile on everyone’s face. For example, the behavioral simulation depicts a trade marketing employee who is not achieving her distribution goals and needs support to digest the complex product information.

A highlight is the frequent interim feedback, which turns the potential analysis into a learning event. Participants can watch each other’s exercises from other colleagues.  The recording function of the video tool is used for this purpose. After the employee interview, we provide intermediate feedback. This is based on the idea that, after all, managers don’t fall from the sky, but only through practice and feedback do their potential become apparent. 

Sustainable feedback process

In contrast to traditional AC/DC, the remote execution of the feedback process allows the respective supervisors to be connected online to the feedback discussion. This significantly increases acceptance and sustainability in agreed development steps. We have divided the feedback into an immediate feedback in short form and a longer remote coaching conversation with development plan.

Training and development program

Obermann Consulting organized a customized training program for the identified development areas. This also takes place completely remotely. The duration is deliberately stretched to 1.5 years so that the participants can implement the topics. It is not entirely without self-interest that the company would also like to retain the good high-potential employees for as long as possible. Topics of the training modules: Communication and conflict resolution, our 3 x 2 leadership model and lateral leadership (leading without being a supervisor). Obermann Consulting has a team of own management trainers.

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