Management audit at aviation group with new CEO

Initial situation: aviation group with new CEO, new organizational structure

We are talking about a large European aviation company with a long tradition. The new CEO had worked out a new organizational structure with the Executive Board. Against the background of pressure on earnings, important changes were imminent. The turnaround seemed to be manageable only if the management was also highly willing to change and capable of implementing decisive strategic decisions. For this reason, younger managers with the right spirit were to be deliberately elevated to senior management positions. The management audit focused on around 100 managers at levels one, two and three below the Executive Board and around 40 junior managers.

Management audit procedure: Board assessment, management audit, recommendations

For each participant, specific questions were collected from the board of directors to be answered by the management audit in addition to the assessment of the experienced consultants: Is the manager resilient? How does he see his contribution to the changes in finance? What is the acceptance of the (finance/ HR/ marketing…) manager among colleagues?

The management audit consisted of a competency-based, structured interview along the agreed criteria. The managers also had to master a strategy presentation and a simulated conflict discussion. A questionnaire and analysis tasks were completed online beforehand.

There was a further procedure for the 40 junior managers: In a hearing, they presented themselves to the Executive Board within 30 minutes. If their impression was positive, they also entered the audit process.

Result: Answers to the Board of Management’s questions, recommendations for appointments.

With the help of the management audit, it was possible to propose suitable candidates for each individual position in the target structure who would drive the change process in the required form. As requested, the portfolio of existing managers was supplemented by young up-and-coming managers who would bring the necessary breath of fresh air to the team and who, at the same time, from the point of view of the Executive Board and Management Audit, have the potential to do so.

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