Professional applicant management for pre-selecting suitable participants for a trainee assessment center

Based on almost 900 applications

The client is a major European retail company in the consumer goods sector, currently employing 1,850 people in Germany. The trainee program was a focal point for various areas such as Marketing and Finance. We were required to pre-select participants for our assessment center.

4-stage approach: Screening applications, online tests, telephone interviews, AC

The first step involved evaluating the application documentation according to company specifications. After this stage, 85 percent of applicants went on to the next round. Here, two online tests were conducted to determine numerical and verbal cognitive skills. A cut-off point was set here too, meaning that 35 percent of applicants (300 in total) went ahead to the next round, which involved telephone interviews on four different topics. The final 5 percent then took part in the assessment center program.

The actual assessment center took place over two days. Here, we gave the candidates insight into their potential new working environment – not only by presenting them with realistic tasks but also by giving them the chance to get acquainted with the company.

Outcome: Trainees worth investing in

Ultimately 2 percent of the 900 applicants were taken on. Although this may sound like an enormous outlay for relatively little benefit, the opposite is actually true. Around 20 highly motivated and highly qualified employees were taken on and can look forward to a long and successful career in the aforementioned company. This benefits the company just as much as the employees – including from a financial perspective, considering how much money and time are wasted through poorly selected trainees. That is the feedback that we received from the company.

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