Value-oriented management development at an international manufacturer of construction and insulation materials

Implementation of a value-oriented corporate culture

Target group:

  1. Executives, i.e. overall management and first management level holding and individual companies;
  2. Team leaders holding company and plant managers; approx. 180 participants in total


Starting point: two independent initiatives lead to the design of a training program to promote the development of a values-based corporate culture:

  1. A groupwide engagement survey reveals development needs with regard to employee leadership;
  2. the Group CEO launches an initiative to develop corporate values

Challenge: translate the corporate values into guiding models, tools and concrete recommendations for action for managers that can be implemented in everyday life; we reinterpreted our 3×2 Leadership Framework in terms of the defined corporate values

Our services: Development and implementation of a modular values-based development program in German and English; 7 groups of executives, 10 groups of team and plant managers; modules:

  • Module 1: Management of the psychological contract – how to retain employees
  • Module 2: Performance management – managing employees
  • Module 3: Responsibility and accountability – developing employees

Duration: 12 months, November 2018 to November 2020

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