Virtual assessments consulting companies in 52 countries

Challenge: Going global in assessment and recruiting

At the beginning of 2020, our client was faced with the challenge of maintaining global management assessment processes. The instruments for personnel selection established in the regional hub (traditional face-to-face assessment centers) could only be transferred to the other regions to a limited extent to date. The reasons for this are obvious: you don’t fly a consultant 9 hours to China to conduct a half-day individual assessment – the costs and benefits are simply not in proportion. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, even the maintenance of regional face-to-face assessments was at risk.

The solution: virtual quick assessments

A new, digital concept was needed, while maintaining the same level of quality. The stakeholders from the business added to the requirements: „It has to be as quick and uncomplicated as possible“. This made it unnecessary to transfer the existing format 1:1 to digital – in this case, the observers would have spent an entire day behind their laptops.

So we took the opportunity that arose to make the assessment more digital and have been integrating fully digital formats with the help of our IT branch Brooklynmaxx. 

We combined the online case study, the LPA Leadership Potential Assessment (test and questionnaire), and a structured, biographical video interview, which was tailored for different target groups. This reduced the net observation time to a minimum, as observer participation was only required in the interview. By conducting the interviews virtually, observers from far-flung regions now had the opportunity to participate in an assessment without having to travel.

At the same time, this new concept also made it possible to roll out the assessments globally – the time zone difference as the original show stopper was thus eliminated.

Efficient schedule

By outsourcing individual process elements (online case study & potential AC) to a digital pre-AC, three candidates can now be mapped on the assessment day. Compared to the original format (1-day individual ACs), a significant gain in efficiency can be achieved.

In order for HR and business observers to get a comprehensive picture of the candidates, an observer conference is scheduled after the interviews – this is where the results of the pre-assessment are consolidated and an overall decision is made.

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