Our Service

Individual audit: Our most highly demanded product: an intensive day with interviews, case studies, and personality questionnaires. In the evening, open feedback is provided on skill assessment, the comparison with other candidates, and target development recommendations.

More than interview: We see ourselves as experts in management diagnostics who look behind the scenes of self-marketing typical at this level. This is why we do more than just conduct interviews or ask questions about co-workers. Our added value: sophisticated business cases!

Development audit for executives: Why do feedback and learning come to a half at middle management or junior staff? Development audits provide management with honest feedback on strengths and areas of development. We offer a wealth of experience in creating streamlined developmental processes.

The difference between an audit and an AC: Audits include interviews as well as cases studies, and sometimes cross-section interviews. Audits are geared to a higher level than in the AC, run a maximum of one day, and provide a comprehensive analysis of just one level of a company (such as department manager, division manager, directs).

English, French, German, Dutch, Polish: These are some of the languages in which we have the most experience with audits. We are particularly effective in audits with US participants and mixed EMEA region.

Management review: This involves skill assessment of an entire team in management or corporate division. Feedback is provided on the following: Who are the strongest performers? Where is there a brain drain potential? Who presents potential? What is the quality of management in a cross-section comparison?

Merger audit management: We have experience in assessing the most important members of a management team in a supportive environment and within a short period of time. We offer insights into the quality of management as well as informal networks.

Competency models: Buzzwords like leadership, motivation, or entrepreneurship are easily dropped without adequate standards of measurement. We help clients make these buzzwords quantifiable.

Industry experience: Telecommunications, corporate consultancy, automotives, financial auditing, banking, distribution, media and TV, pharmaceuticals are just some of the industries in which we have project experience in audits. Our objectives include providing feedback for executives, management review, and assessment within the scope of mergers and audits.

Our assessment site: Our premise in various locations are equipped with the functionality you need to carry out audits – such as complete „Outlook“ simulator and server cameras so that participants are able the carry on with their work without being disturbed by direct observers.