Technology Group: PAN-European Executive Development Impulse

We are very proud of this program because it solved the transfer issue and actually made a difference. We were able to implement an effective combination of various development methods beyond traditional classroom training – with a focus on implementing development in the working environment.

Even before Corona, the focus of the methodological implementation was digital and remote, because the participants were scattered internationally: We were using a training app, coaching via video system, online assessments and use of our AC app during Development audits. After all, the program was so well received that the previous European focus was expanded – Japan took notice and the program is being rolled out globally.

Learning card for each participant

Target group: Executives and business leaders from all over Europe; a total of 55 participants from all European countries.

Customer: Konica Minolta, 40,000 employees globally, here the European country organizations

Starting point: global business transformation („from box mover to service provider“), development of a supportive leadership culture, thereby two development goals: Promotion of ‚Agile Shift‘ and employee engagement.

Service by Obermann Consulting: Development and implementation of an integrated development program, all modules in English:

  1. (Individual) Development Audit: 1 day per participant with Strategy Presentation, Case Study, Deep-Dive Executive Interview, Simulated Conversation with Employee, Personality Test (Predictive Index); detailed debriefing.
  2. Coaching, goal: development of a Personal Development Plan
  3. Training program, consisting of four modules, each
    ‚Creating a Shared Understanding of Leadership at KM Europe‘, 2. ‚Engage‘, 3. ‚Navigate‘, 4. ‚Develop‘.
  4. Stretch Assignment (‚Key Transformation Challenge‘)
  5. Multi-rater feedback (supervisors, peers, direct reports)

Duration: ongoing since July 2019

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